About Jarrett & Jennie


Who we are

We’re Jarrett and Jennie. We know the transformative power of self-defense and safety training because we experienced that power ourselves. We also experienced the fear that comes with that training. For over 20 combined years, we trained and taught from within the high-intensity world of traditional reality-based self-defense and Krav Maga. While we earned some notoriety, we also earned some scars, and more importantly, were deeply troubled by how difficult it was for us to convince people with little to no training experience to attend our classes, even though they expressed interest. After decades of doing it the way we had been taught, we decided that a better way was possible, and desperately needed. And we’ve never looked back.

Along the way we’ve taught thousands of students, worked with dozens of schools, organizations, and companies, and been featured on many national platforms such as Ellen, Good Morning America, The NY Times, Fitness, Shape, RealSimple, Livestrong, Forbes, and more

The training we now provide is the training we wish we would have had access to many years ago. Simply put: we’re obsessed with providing powerful world-class self-defense education and training that is accessible, practical, and safe to as many people as possible all over the world. 

What we do

We are leaders and innovators in the self-defense space who motivate, inspire and embolden with tools, tips and techniques that work to not only keep you safer, but to help you show up more powerfully in every area of your life.

How we do it

Through high-profile events and on platforms hosted by corporations, organizations, networks, businesses, gyms, schools and media outlets, we lead audiences to speak up, walk tall and exist safer, well beyond the conclusion of our courses. Our powerful, effective and accessible speaking and training events connect with everyday people in profound and transformative ways. Ready to connect and learn more?

Why we do it

We believe that the right self-defense and safety knowledge, taught by the right coaches, can be an unparalleled vehicle to reclaiming one's own power. Teaching our students how to survive violence is just one aspect of what we do. Giving our students effective self-advocacy and boundary setting tools, and the confidence to use them in the moments when they are made to feel smaller, quieter, or without choice, is our truest “why.”

Fear is what keeps many people from seeking the safety training they know is valuable and important, yet fear is what many self-defense professionals use to push individuals into training. We’re working tirelessly to change that; to offer learning and training experiences that are inclusive, safe, empowerment-based, and trauma-informed; and to revolutionize how self-defense and safety is taught globally.