The Jarrett & Jennie Difference

Safety training that only covers a few self-defense techniques ignores the reality that most people will never be put in a position in which they’ll have to use those skills. It also misses a huge opportunity to equip individuals with the know-how to effectively address the types of safety situations they may encounter daily.

We approach safety training differently. We teach tools that are applicable to everyday life at work and beyond: awareness, prevention strategies, behavior indicators, boundary setting and deescalation. We use physical self-defense training to prepare students for a worst-case scenario, and because we know that feeling powerful in your body is a shortcut to feeling powerful in every area of life. 

We get it. Safety training is an investment. Not just financially, but in terms of time, both for employees participating and for event organizers coordinating the logistics. Why book training that only checks a box or two, when you can offer your team an empowering, practical and interactive experience with real-world, everyday applications?


Why we’re unique:

  • Skills that apply to everyday work situations and beyond

  • Extensive experience teaching practical workplace safety strategies

  • Curriculum built around the unique needs of contact professionals

  • Engaging, fun events that include role playing and hands-on drills

  • Inclusive training that works for teams of mixed ages and abilities

  • Unique ability to teach potentially scary content with trauma-informed sensitivity that ensures participants feel empowered and confident after training

  • Fully customized training services delivered on site

  • Comprehensive, integrated approach to team and individual safety